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Love ya babe, but the show's off


The end of primary season is a time to regret the disappearance of the more colorful candidates that nonetheless have no business in politics. So it is that we weep crocodile tears for the disappearance of Dan Adamson's brief run for the Republican nomination for governor.

Not only did Adamson have a unique campaign style (he once offered tacos to Hispanic voters for participating in the primary) but he had a flair for the dramatic--so much so that U.S. Rep. Butch Otter refused to show up for the only scheduled statewide televised debate with Adamson. Otter claimed his schedule was too tight--it was later revealed that he had fundraisers scheduled here in Boise that he didn't want to miss--but he may have feared being on screen with a loose cannon like Adamson.

The latest Adamson campaign salvo was to announce that he planned to appear on a regular radio broadcast with Democratic candidate Jerry Brady. "I like Jerry and he is a very entertaining guy," Adamson said in a news release that was also peppered liberally with quotes from Brady, along the lines of "Dan and I love to rib one another regarding every imaginable political issue," and other gems. Problem is, the Brady campaign takes no responsibility for the release and Brady's campaign manager Matt Hurm said the quotes were unauthorized. He dismissed the Adamson radio pitch as "just another taco thing."