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Love Sweet Love: Lynn Miles

CD Review


Lynn Miles' newest release, Love Sweet Love, can be summed up in one word: lovely. This is one of the most enjoyable new CDs I've recently acquired.

As a voice teacher at the Ottawa Folklore Center, Miles taught a then-14-year-old Alanis Morrisette. Miles started her own recording career in 1987, and her career since then has taken her full circle--from Ottawa to Nashville to Los Angeles and back to Ottawa. Her latest CD was recorded in Ottawa with a collection of other Canadian musicians. It was released by Red House Records earlier this year and I've been listening to it ever since.

It would be hard to pick a favorite song here. "Trying Not To Be So Sad" has a classic, catchy chorus that will continue cascading through your head long after you've turned your CD player off. "Night Drive" tells a haunting story and "This is the Night" is a melodic expression of hope. If forced to choose just one, I might stall by requesting to hear the CD all the way through one more time. Lynn Miles' Love Sweet Love is one of those CDs that will have you making any excuse just to keep listening.