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Love Nests Abound


Speaking of breaking up ... maybe your home sweet home ain't so sweet after a recent split, and now you're in the market for a new, humbler abode. This week, we logged on to the multiple listing services and went in search of single-family properties in Boise. Here's a handful of the most valuable and least valuable properties on the market in the Boise area, just in case you're on the hunt for new digs.

Maybe you need space after your recent breakup. Lots of space. If that's the case, the spendiest property in Boise currently listed on the MLS is on 39.2 acres of elbow room. The home itself is a modest 1,700-square-footer built in 1993 with three bedrooms, two baths and three garages. Located at the end of a dead end street and priced at $4.2 million, 8699 Gantz Ave. is technically in Boise, but it's zoned for Kuna schools. MLS 98341561.

Next up on the most expensive side at $3.5 million is a Crescent Rim address that's all about the view. With four bedrooms (and curiously, 5.5 bathrooms), the 6,500-square-foot home is a sprawler with an in-ground pool and a panorama of Boise. MLS 98346339.

In at third is a 1989 Foothills home that's surprisingly mod for its almost two decades. Three bedrooms, 2.5 baths and clocking in at 6,300 square feet, it's a sleek and angular build that's all windows. And for $2.6 million, it's all yours. MLS 98334438.

No. 4 is a stately Greek revival home with a winding driveway and plenty of yard to keep you busy all weekend. Built in 2005, this gleaming white stucco home has five bedrooms, 4.5 baths and 6,300 square feet for your new single self for the bargain price of $2.5 million. MLS 98338262.

If a fixer-upper is what you're looking for, this one doesn't need tender loving care ... it needs total loving care. Built in 1930, this Bench house looks every day of its 78 years and then some. It's a mystery how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in the house, but for an adventurous—or broke—buyer, it's 1,150 square feet for $79,900. MLS 98345598.

Uno y uno on the bed and bath for the second cheapest house in Boise, which is priced at $89,000. At a meager 855 feet, this 1948 Bench home has a giant outdoor fireplace and plenty of potential for the homeowner who doesn't need lots of space. MLS 98337204

Just off Fairview and Curtis is another diminutive little place. Somehow two bedrooms and a bath are squeezed into 754 square feet in this 1938 home. Though it be bitty, it'll take more dough than the last two to get you in the door; this one's $114,900. MLS 98344189.

Apparently, the Bench is where it's at for something inexpensive. This one is the smallest of the lot at 735 square feet, but it's a well-cared-for home with white siding and black shutters that almost begs for a white picket fence out front. Priced at $116,000, the 1941 home has two itty-bitty bedrooms and one bath. MLS #: 98328729.