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Love Hurts: Pick Your Spot

The best places in town to dump someone


Back when BW was in its old location near the C.W. Moore Park, an unfortunate tradition emerged. When money was tight and problems arose, the boss used a certain park bench as the best location to take someone when he needed to be fired.

Sit him down, let the refreshing breezes wash over him, and drop the hammer.

Plenty of reasons have been offered for why that became protocol, but regardless, few BW staffers will ever visit that park. Bad memories, bad juju.

But consider the utility of the park as a dump zone: You're outside, away from the stricture of the office community. Fewer people in the office can overhear the wailings of the fired. If they need to take a walk to get their head straight, they're already outside.

So when it's love, not a job, that's on the line, where's a good place to go when you need to let someone down? We looked at the options.

Open Space:

Our city's lovely park system has lots of opportunity, whether it's a bench or The Bench. If you need to call it quits, the Boise Foothills offer miles of heart-soothing open space that can help put the breakup into perspective. And there's nothing like a walk with a good view to help you get over a dumping.

But the great outdoors does come with some logistical challenges, according to David Gordon, the city's Ridge to Rivers Coordinator.

"The challenge with that is if you came to the trailhead in the same car, there's that uncomfortable ride home," Gordon said. Always thinking, Gordon suggests you plan ahead for the breakup.

"Meet your significant other at the trailhead," Gordon said. "You can go your separate ways afterward."

A Restaurant:

Comfortable tables for two with mood lighting are usually the place to go when you're trying to get closer to someone. But a restaurant might also be just the ticket when you need to get rid of that not-so-special someone.

Think of it: You get to talk it over. Act like adults. Enjoy a drink together. Maybe several at the bar after it's over.

But think of your budget when you do this.

"If you're breaking up, you're not going to want to spend money," said Karen Sander, director of the Downtown Boise Association. "It would be a cheap date."

Atmosphere, cool lighting, nice tablecloths? Nix, said Sander.

"You're wanting out, so no," she said.

This makes Boise's many classy downtown eating establishments bad locations for a breakup, she said.

"I don't think we have any places like that downtown," Sander said. "I don't think people break up downtown."

We recommend splitting the check, too.

Ski Areas:

Jessica Flynn, a spokeswoman for Tamarack Ski Resort, said now is a great time to dump someone or get dumped at a ski area. This year, it's all about dumping in Idaho mountains.

"There's so much fresh snow in Idaho right now, they can dive into the fresh powder and take their mind off the other person," Flynn said. "Or they can jump on a cruiser to escape the other person's wrath."

And for those in need of a quick rebound relationship, Flynn said resorts offer options.

"Ski resorts, by their nature, attract healthy, active-minded folks," Flynn said. "There are lots more fish in the sea for you."

At Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area, Gretchen Anderson is even more specific: Deer Point chairlift is the one for you.

"It's only a four-minute ride," Anderson said. "You can break up in four minutes, and you're out of there."

—Shea Andersen