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Loudon Wainwright Returns to Boise

Saturday, May 19 at Boise Contemporary Theater


Stars are a flash in the pan but artists endure. Loudon Wainwright III is the latter. He's been putting out Grammy-winning albums of catchy and clever folk-rock since the late 1960s.

While many other folksters of the day waxed metaphorical about politics in the abstract, Wainwright preferred a clever turn of phrase. And it's clear from a recent ukulele video he posted to YouTube called "Newt Gingrich is running for Pres" that he still does.

And as well known as Wainwright is for his music, he's almost as well known for his family. His marriage to folk singer Kate McGarrigle resulted in the birth of Rufus and Martha Wainwright, both well-known musicians in their own (wain)right.

Wainwright last played Boise at a special intimate performance at Boise Contemporary Theater. It was such a hit that BCT is bringing him back for an encore performance.

[ Video is no longer available. ]