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Lot(s) of Pots


Near a dragon, a glossy white man-sized rooster stands sentry at the gate of a lot of elephants, eagles and giant urns. That sounds like the setting for a Chinese mystery, but in this case, the dragon is the Twin Dragon restaurant, the rooster is ceramic and the lot belongs to Downtown Pottery.

The wares available at Downtown Pottery range in size from little pots for petunias to cast-iron monoliths that weigh as much as a sedan. Some items are decorative, like the large, painted ceramic plaques with shining suns on them. Others are functional and are meant to house a cornucopia of marigolds, daisies and pansies.

Many of the items are shipped in from China, but managers Corrin Olson and Christoph Guigon (Guigon's father owns the business) use quiet time at the store to work on Gospad Studios, where they create their own art, like Guigon's metal trapezoidal planters, which are for sale.

The items at Downtown Pottery aren't cheap--Guigon's large handmade planters range from $140 to $250--but the cast-iron stuff is 70 percent off through the end of the summer. Plus, Downtown Pottery offers delivery--Olson said they once even delivered a huge planter to Colorado.

Whether you're looking for a small pot to put a few kale starts in or a cast-iron urn big enough to fool the neighborhood kids into thinking you got an above ground pool, pull in next to the giant rooster on Fairview and start exploring.