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Lost in the Trees Comes to the City of Trees

Friday, Oct. 19 at Neurolux


While busting his chops at Berklee College of Music, Ari Picker nurtured a love of composition. And since graduation, the Chapel Hill, N.C., native has turned his passion for arrangements into orchestral folk pop band Lost in the Trees.

Pairing classical instruments with modern panache, LITT is fresh, clean and skirts the stuffy feel of the concert house.

Yet the divide between classic and modern is made invisible by his group of fellow skilled musicians. Picker's vocals traipse over bars of softly plucked acoustic guitar, dramatic violin, cello sections and lilting flute. Fans come for the barroom cred but stay for philharmonic drama.

In the band's 2012 release, A Church That Fits Our Needs, Picker channels that sound into his personal story of loss. Seven months after the group's March performance with Poor Moon at Neurolux, LITT returns to the venue.