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Los Lobos, August 14


Los Lobos was delayed at Denver Airport, so the 5 p.m. show didn't start until 6:45 p.m., which gave the audience ample time to imbibe lots of Riesling while sitting in the hot sun at the Winery at Eagle Knoll. Local talented yokel Marcus Eaton held over the sipping crowd until the Wolves from East L.A. hit the stage. And when they did, they hit it hard. The thing that makes Los Lobos so loveable is how freakin' eclectic they can make a set, just like when you used to get Napster songs for free and filled your files with every song you ever liked since childhood. The set was so lively; it was full of '50s pop and classic rock, jazz and traditional Tex-Mex all sandwiched between their originals. The fans likey, and Los Lobos appreciated the enthusiasm. It was one of the happiest concerts I've seen in a while. They concluded with their identifying rendition of "La Bamba," which got dancers jumping to their own rhythm and singing along, "Yo no soy-ee marinara, soy cap-ee-tan!" or whatever it sounds like when you're drunk.