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Long Green Hour: Sergio Webb


Listening to the Long Green Hour, I got the impression I was hearing the soundtrack to the artist's life. Sergio Webb is a local seasoned musician, and with his cleverly packaged new CD he delivers a very tasty collection of songs. Each one is a finely crafted piece of music-the word here is "economical." Webb is an excellent guitarist whose solos never border on flash but are instead flawless gems of support serving the music, not the other way around. The accompanying musicians elevate each song to a perfect state. It is a consummate effort. These are not road songs, but you could drive for miles with these poetic moments of Amsterdam to Tex-Mex dawns, spiritual awakenings, childhood memories ... Recorded, produced and mixed in Nashville by the multi-abled Thomm Jutz, throughout the instrumentation there is not an ounce of clutter. It is an excellent work without trying to sound that way, and I believe that's because the songs are not fabricated. They are real, the soundtrack of a man's life. The CD release party will be held at Pengilly's on May 18 at 9:30 p.m., 513 Main St.