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Locksley: Be In Love

CD Review


When you hear Locksley's latest release, Be in Love, you want to like them. They have all the good looks and charisma, and they're hitting all six cylinders with their blend of garage-rock thrashing and Brit-pop vocals.

The foursome sound best when they're emulating The Beatles (after they jumped the pond). They're pushing for swooning masses of female fans and hysteria but that kind of fandemonium died out with The Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees. And Locksley certainly isn't captivating enough to induce that kind of adoration.

"I writhe when you're gone, so I wait at your door / You pull up in some guy's car around four," starts the chorus of "The Whip." "I punch him, kiss then carry you inside / Why? Oh well just because."

Locksley has gotten plenty of play on MTV, on shows like Rock the Vote and Jersey Shore. In "Love You Too," arguably the best song on the album, "I want you, need you, love you too," gets the singer riled up. But if this album is the marketing tool to get someone to see them perform, I'd rather stay home. Similarly, if I saw them live, loved their show and then bought this album, I'd feel cheated.

Every part of Locksley's sound feels a little too perfect. In between the sophomoric stand-alone songs in which you expect a heartfelt tune, more of the restrained guitar chords and crooning backup chants chime in. Soulful acoustics, raspy barroom track and pounding bass-and-guitar meltdowns are missing. It would be great to hear Locksley cut loose, and break out of the straight-laced pop. If music is meant to bore into the listener's soul--this just bores.