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The locavore movement has taken off big time all across America, and the City of Trees is no exception to the rule. In fact, considering its two thriving farmer's markets and successful co-op, Boise may be closer to the cutting edge than merely being on the bandwagon. For avid aficionados of local, seasonal produce, whether it's juicy peaches in summer or jade-green squashes in autumn, is a good place to start the search. Through its intuitive online platform, LocalHarvest connects eaters to nearby farms, farmers markets, produce stands, u-pick locations and community-supported agriculture programs (CSAs), sorting its directory of more than 30,000 listings by city. Of all the options, CSAs are perhaps the best way to support local farmers, as they usually involve customers paying up front for a produce subscription that offers regular deliveries of fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and meats directly from family farms. Near Boise, LocalHarvest found 34 CSAs—meaning top-notch local food is out there, just waiting to be clicked.