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Local Songstress Desirae Bronson to Release New CD

Friday, Jan. 13, at Knitting Factory


Boise's music scene may be best known for the mope-tacular indie-rock of Built to Spill, but the sonic landscape doesn't end there. We got all kinds.

This week, local artist Desirae Bronson will drop a new CD with a sound pretty far from Boise's rep.

Half of Bronson's new disc, This is Me, is Meredith Brooks-eqsue pop-rock--with swung tempos and strong downbeats beneath her strummed acoustic guitar and clean vocals. The other half--smooth-as-white-bread rock ballads, flourished with slide guitar and soaring harmonies. It's a little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll and a whole lotta nonthreatening pop.

Bronson will celebrate her latest release with a special performance at The Knitting Factory on Friday, Jan. 13.

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