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Treefort Music Fest, the big four-day musical shindig planned for Boise on March 22-25, has launched the beta version of its smartphone app, which is available at The app features schedules, bios and streaming audio for the bands playing at the festival.

In other local music news, Atomic Mama will be launching its debut EP, Bodies in the Sun, with a special performance at The Linen Building on Friday, Jan. 20, at 7 p.m. But Atomic Mama isn't the only band with a shiny new recording.

Local darkwave electro-pop band and hipster dreamboats Shades, who are opening for said radioactive mothers, are set to debut an album as well. Clear Motions, the first full-length recording from Shades, will be released by online label Synthemesc Recordings on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

But all things require balance. And that means for all this local musical goodness, there has to be some spectacularly awful stuff to keep it in check. That something is Canadian export Nickelback. The band--which is so bad Detroit Lions fans signed a petition for them not to play the halftime show at the Thanksgiving game--will take the stage at the Idaho Center this summer. Bush, Seether and My Darkest Days are stuck opening (poor bastards). Tickets go on sale Saturday, Jan. 21, at 10 a.m., in case you're feeling self-flagellatory.

If you'd like to see some real rock, swing by The Shredder Friday, Jan. 20, and catch Yob. The Eugene, Ore.-based doom metal trio has long been an underground fave but is finally getting some bigger props. The band is on its way to play a string of dates with Tool and will be stopping by Boise on the way.

But if jams are more your jam than doom metal, head over to Liquid on Friday, Jan. 20, and catch Reno, Nev.'s finest Americana export: Buster Blue, which will be hitting the stage once the early evening comedy show wraps up.

But hey, maybe you don't want to go out that night at all. Perhaps you'd prefer to spend the evening at home reading FBI files on dead hip-hop icons. Well, that's fine, too, because blogger Rich Jones, who makes a hobby of Freedom of Information Act requests, just published the entire 94-page FBI file on the one, the only, Ol' Dirty Bastard of the Wu Tang Clan at It includes connections to drugs, murders and arrests for felony possession of body armor. At the end of the post, Jones asks if anyone in the comment section had any requests for other dead stars worth FOIA-ing. We're betting quite a few bird skeletons turn up in Karen Carpenter's closet.