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Local Musician Chad Summervill Releases CD


For most people, realizing you've been working on something for 15 years might give you pause. You might think to yourself, "Self, why don't you let this go? Move on. Try something new." But for local musician Chad Summervill, songs that he has been performing since around 1995 have been as much a part of his life as, say, a favorite hat. So he decided to take some really old songs, some kind-of-old songs and some new songs and put them together on a new release, the 12-track Winter of Your Life, a CD that could be considered a musical memoir.

"This CD is basically a culmination of a bunch of different songs that have always worked for me [live]," Summervill said. "It's a pretty eclectic mix, and it's eclectic because these songs span a long time."

Summervill also borrowed a couple of tunes for the CD, including the Irish song, "The Town I Loved So Well" and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," which like many of the other tunes on the CD has a Celtic flair. He also borrowed the talents of a number of well-versed musicians, and the CD sings with not only the usual suspects of drums, bass, guitar and keyboard but also fiddle, violin, saxophone and tin whistle.

Winter of Your Life is a heartfelt journey through the music of Summervill's own life, and while it is by no means a hard-rocking release, his CD release party at the Linen Building has the potential to rock, since all of the people who lent their talents to the album will join Summervill on stage--including his wife Vashti Summervill.