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Local Man Fails In Attempt to Switch Castes


An Eagle man who pretended to be a millionaire in order to steal a few thousand dollars worth of bling has been arrested and charged with a slew of unglamorous felonies.

Michael Albert Johnson, 54, of Eagle was arrested on June 25 by Ada County sheriffs, who claimed in a recent statement to have been "avidly" collecting evidence about him since the June 9 burglary of an Eagle home. According to the Sheriff's Office, Johnson scouted his target by posing as a real estate buyer looking for a million-dollar horse property before breaking in and walking away with several thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. When arrested, Johnson was charged with two counts of grand theft by possession and one count of first-degree burglary.

How does one successfully imitate the look of a high-end real estate baron, you ask? Buying a fetching ribbed V-neck sweater, like to the one donned by Johnson in his mug shot, is a great start. Second, try to keep your nose clean outside of the job at hand-unlike Johnson, who was also wanted for the theft of a Ford truck outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. And third, steal just enough jewelry out of somebody's house to look like a wealthy record producer ... oh, wait, scratch that last one.