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Local Luminaries Argue for Art's Place in Boise

Wednesday Nov. 14


In an age when cellphones contain more advanced technology than a lunar landing module, the applicability of the sciences and technology are self-evident. The usefulness of the arts is harder to grasp, however, and funding for music and the arts in America's schools is becoming scarcer.

But the arts are fighting back. After all, what good are tablet computers and gamma ray scalpels if we've lost the introspection and thoughtfulness to appreciate what they do for us?

If you're interested in an event that combines thought-provoking discussion of the importance of the arts and performances by Boise artists, Arts Matter—a presentation of the Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation—offers insight into Boise's arts community and what it contributes to Boise's culture.

Idaho artists and arts community pioneers make their cases Wednesday, Nov. 14, at 11:30 a.m. at Boise Contemporary Theater.

Arts Matter includes performances by Boise performing artists and the agenda includes acting, opera singing, dancing and a string quartet.

The event also features Boise artistic directors Matthew Cameron Clark of Boise Contemporary Theater, Mark Junkert of Opera Idaho, Leah Clark of Balance Dance Company and Robert Franz of Boise Philharmonic holding forth on the topic of the arts' value added to Boise's profile.

Following the presentations is a question-and-answer session. There's also a $10 catered lunch for attendees who have reserved seats, but the event is open and free to the public.