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Local Group Creates Video Game to Fund Kindness Videos


It looks like a Legend of Zelda game, but instead of the infamous Water Temple, catch views of Table Rock and the Boise Depot. In Boise: The Video Game, the faith-based group PraYnksters has created a virtual world of, well, the City of Trees, where players can choose a character to fight and defeat an unknown entity of blobish things called “The Anti-Awesome Brigade,” and restore Boise to total awesomeness.

“Our mission is to take our love for people and community and spark inspiration in other people,” said PraYnkster founder Jeff Agosta about the group's reason for putting out the game. “We are a community of people that have come together to make a difference, anyone can be a PraYnkster.”

The video game takes a few hours to complete and looks a little like Zelda. From Table Rock to Lucky Peak, players move all over Boise finding different clues to help them win. It’s a funny and family friendly game.

It's cheap, too. The game costs $10, and all proceeds go back to the PraYnksters, who are known internationally for their viral kindness videos. The group officially came together in 2015.

“We started PraYnksters by selling off my vintage video game collection,” said Agosta, ”I have a background with videos and I started to think about how I can use that to spread positivity and love in the community.”

The group has created many viral videos showing how they help people, the videos can be viewed at their website. Check out a video of Boise: The Video Game gameplay here.

"The mission is to try to provide guidance, insight, and at times financial support based on three criteria: can we actually fulfill this persons need, can we create an inspirational video that can be shared, and will the people involved be inspired and enriched?” Agosta said.