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Local Barber Shop Offers Memberships for Unlimited Cuts, Caters to Veterans


Cory Albertson, 32, and Stephen Thomas, 27, embody what every parent hopes adolescent sibling rivalries blossom into. Not only are the brothers friends, after their military careers, they embarked on a business venture together.

Craftsman Unlimited Haircuts (1308 S. Maple Grove Road) offers monthly memberships for unlimited haircuts and beard trims. Plus, a range of membership tiers allow clients to cash in on head massages, steam towels and even free beer.

Craftsman Unlimited Haircuts is a masculine oasis for those who like a regular trim. - ZACH SWENSON
  • Zach Swenson
  • Craftsman Unlimited Haircuts is a masculine oasis for those who like a regular trim.

The number of haircuts the brothers received during their military careers gave them the idea to open a barbershop with a focus on affordability, convenience and quality—and the membership model is great for the client who gets a haircut every six weeks, as well as the one who wants a touch-up every day.

"Once I lose the velvet feel, I don't like it," said Thomas. "Most guys generally keep it pretty short, and after a week or two it doesn't look 100 percent. In this day and age, why not look 100 percent?"

Albertson, a former UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot, and Thomas, a former combat engineer, have cultivated a military tradition from the top down. In addition to Craftsman being veteran-owned, several veterans are employed as both barbers and stylists. Nearly everything in the shop has been installed or made by local veterans, from the lighting, shelving and ironwork to the employees' toolbox workstations.

Craftsman also offers special membership perks to veterans and first responders, like 15 percent off beverages and apparel, and an invitation to tag the "Honor Wall."

"Instead of putting a pin on a map of all the places you've been, it's all the units ... and all the deployment locations," said Thomas. Since Craftsman opened in August 2017, hundreds of veterans and first responders have left their mark with patches, deployment dates and personal tributes. And with more than 400 memberships in the books and new locations in Meridian, Eagle, Nampa and downtown Boise on the horizon, Albertson in confident in the success of Craftsman Unlimited.

"It's not your normal shop," he said. "With the price per cut and the environment, there's nobody that can touch us on price ... I promise you that."