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Local Author to Give Reading From New Novel


It's not often that we get to use "local" and "novelist" in the same sentence--at least not one where the former modifies the latter. That's not the case on this bit from the Log Cabin.

Boise author Christine Echeverria Bender's latest historical novel, Sails of Fortune (June 2005), was published by Caxton Press of Caldwell this summer. On September 15, Bender will give a reading from the book at the Log Cabin Literary Center.

Sails of Fortune follows the story of the 16th century Spanish, Portuguese and Basque explorers who sailed with Ferdinand Magellan's fleet.

Bender will discuss which parts of her new novel are factual and which fictional. She is the author of another historical novel, Challenge the Wind (July 2001)--which tells the story of Columbus' 1492 journey through the eyes of a young Basque explorer.

September 15, 7:30 p.m., $4 members and $6 nonmembers, Log Cabin Literary Center, 801 S. Capitol Blvd., 331-8000,