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Local Addicts Get Two Votes of Support


Fresh from ensuring that Idaho's rural lands will be sold off to the highest bidder, Gov. Dirk Kempthorne extended an olive branch to the substance abusers residing in those rural areas, by way of the federal voucher-based treatment program Access to Recovery. Idaho is the 15th state to embrace the Access plan, which expands state treatment options to underprivileged and minority addicts by way of several beefy federal grants.

Visit to view the governor's plan, which is headed by the timeless George W. Bush quote: "The miracle of recovery is possible, and it could be you." What, grammatically, this quote means (You could be a miracle? You could be possible?) is anyone's guess, but rest assured, addicts: Your governor believes in stuff that his party leader says. And that stuff could be you.

In a second hopeful sign for recovering abusers, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter announced this week that he will convene a broad-based citizen committee to help explore options for funding Boise's first-ever attempt at providing detoxification services. The 16-member Community Detox Steering Committee encompasses representatives from local law enforcement, hospitals, industry, county and state government, the Downtown Boise Association and several private citizens, including Charlotte Lanier, mother of 23-year-old Jack Barsness, who died of a drug overdose last year. As of press time, the committee's first meeting was set to take place during the afternoon of Tuesday, May 10. The findings of the committee were not yet available.