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Live from Singapore!


The flight was long. I arrived 30 hours after leaving Boise. Some interesting highlights: The in-flight movie from LAX to Narita Aiport in Tokyo was Casanova; from NAR to Singapore Changi International Airport it was Brokeback Mountain. No internet in LAX, fee internet at NAR (10 min for 100 Yen) and free Internet at Changi.

Returning to Singapore is like returning home for me. Having lived my first 11 years here, I've been overcome with an intense feeling of familiarity and comfort. Much has changed, but it still feels like home. I even returned to two homes that I grew up in to see if they are still standing, and I was pleased to find them intact. I have such fond memories in these two homes. My first morning began with a beautiful, heavy downpour. Walking through the streets of Chinatown with my trusty umbrella, the smells, the sounds and the balmy warm air overwhelmed my senses. I am so comfortable here. People-watching amidst this melting pot of culture, capitalism and confusion is high entertainment. People come to visit, work and live here from all over the world. It reminds me how much we are really alike, and that one place is not that different from another. The nightlife has proved to be quite lively; my first two nights we managed to stay out until 5 A.M. with little effort. It's easy to lose track of time. My excuse is that I finally succumbed to jet lag.