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Listen Up, Buckaroos: Bronco Billy Is Riding Back Into Boise

Friday, June 30 at The Dutch Goose


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In the 1980 film Bronco Billy, Clint Eastwood stars as a modern-day rootin' tootin', bronco bustin' down-on-his-luck Wild West showman. Also directed by Eastwood, Bronco Billy is still a great film (it has an 82-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes) in part, because nearly 2,000 Treasure Valley-based locals were extras in the movie, and Eastwood spent six days filming scenes in Southern Idaho including a key scene of a barroom brawl, which was filmed at The Dutch Goose on State Street in the fall of 1979.

As part of its Movies That Move series, The Boise Film Festival is hosting a special free screening of Bronco Billy at The Dutch Goose. As Bronco Billy would tell his little buckaroos: "I want you to finish your oatmeal and do as you mom and pa tell you because they know best." If ma and pa know best, they'll gather up the buckaroos and head to the Dutch Goose for one more round-up.


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