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For audiosnobs, mix tapes are a well-honed art form. You anguish over the bands, the lyrics, how the tempo changes from one song to another and the mix's overall flow. When done right, mix tapes can be more emotionally revealing than a wax-sealed love letter.

But sometimes it's hard to find that one obscure, vinyl-only track that you're certain would tie the whole mix together. Luckily, there's, a free website that turns Youtube videos into MP3s that can be played directly in iTunes. Want to get your hands on Warren Storm's 1958 swamp pop hit "Mama, Mama, Mama" without ordering the rare, used 45 online and waiting weeks for it to ship to your door? allows you to convert the song from a Youtube flash video to an MP3 audio file in less than a minute, no sign-up or software downloads required.

The site's administrators make a point to stress that is "to be used for converting non-copyrighted content only! We do not condone any type of piracy." For now, at least, there are no limits on the number of files that you can convert to MP3s through, though the system unfortunately doesn't work with Vevo or Vimeo formats.