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Lisk Whisks Over to BODO

Amy Westover's inaugural solo show


The Lisk Gallery is planning a big--and small--move.

The gallery, currently at 850 Main St., will be in its new home at 405 S. Eighth St. (where the Stylish Stork used to be) by the beginning of October. Gallery manager Ashley Kennedy said that although the new space has less square footage, the BODO location has more foot traffic.

"[That area] has more people," Kennedy said. "And we want more people," she added with a laugh.

The move will mark eight years that Lisk Gallery has been open---apropos that the new address is on Eighth Street. Hopefully the Lisks won't feel the need to move to Ninth Street next year.

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Amy Westover may be best known for her public persona.

She has been a participant in a number of group exhibits, including gallery shows and the 2001 Idaho Triennial. And Westover has taken a number of her works out of the galleries and into the outdoors--or at least into the lobbies of public buildings. Westover's works can be seen at the Jefferson Building, Hotel 43, the Watershed, the Boise Airport, along some trails in McCall and on Grove Street.

But for the first time ever, this accomplished artist has her own solo show, currently on exhibit at Enso Artspace, the collective gallery of which she is a member. The exhibit, titled Admit One Human: New Work by Amy Westover, includes large wall installations in steel and glass, three free-standing sculptures of steel and foam, works on paper and more. Whereas many an artist would be thrilled to take work from the walls to the streets, this inaugural show is equally exciting for Westover.

"In putting this show together, I realized I have never had a solo show before," Westover said. She also realized that she would have total command and use of the space. "We have this brand-new space, which is beautiful ... When I thought of that space, I immediately thought, 'I get to do whatever I want. I have full control over the curatorial process and thematically and what the viewer sees.' It was so exciting for me to put that together," she said.

Westover's exhibit runs through Friday, Sept. 23, and is available for viewing via private appointment, on Thursdays from 3-8 p.m. and at the exhibit opening reception on Friday, Aug. 26, from 5-8 p.m.

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