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Lisk Gallery Relocates

Art headed to a new space


About three years ago, Lisk Gallery moved from its Main Street location to its current spot in BoDo. As that area has continued to grow and change, the gallery has, too, and now it's time for another move. In May, Lisk Gallery is moving to a new--and bigger--location at 518 Americana Blvd. (next door to Inkvision Tattoo), another area of town experiencing growth.

The expanded space will allow for an evolution in how and what the gallery exhibits, and on First Thursday, visitors can get a glimpse of what the new Lisk will look like, with art by Karen Bubb, Jerry Hendershot, Pat Kilby, Anne Peterson Klahr, Jerri Lisk, Mark Lisk, Swede Lisk, Erin Pietsch, Carl Rowe, Rachel Teannalach and Randy VanDyck, and jewelry by Melissa Osgood and Kay Seurat. Be sure to check out Jaime Gustavson's strangely mesmerizing hand paintings, and Karen Klinefelter's exotic tagua nut jewelry, which looks almost other-worldly, and her leather-and-sterling silver cuff bracelets or "wrist wraps."