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Lingo Yarns


I love working with talented people. Oh, yes, we have our internal differences. We argue. We bitch. We complain. But we also enjoy beers together and have group hugs resulting in small tears which well up in our eyes. I had such a tear last Saturday night. A tear that represented not only the pride I have for the entire Boise Weekly staff, but especially for our editorial staff. Then again, the tear could have been from a wayward squirt of a lime meant for my vodka and tonic.

This year's Idaho Press Awards were held last Saturday night and BW walked away with 10 awards—two more than last year and six more than the year before, but who's counting? Giving credit where credit is due, here are the winners.

Nicholas Collias

First Place, Rookie of the Year

First Place, Headlines

Third place, Serious Feature, "Scrutiny of the Bounty"

Honorable Mention, Specialty Column, movie reviews

Colleen Cronin

First place, Serious Feature, "Urban Villages"

Cynthia Sewell

First place, Education Reporting, "Bullies and Haters"

Second place, General News Story, "Animal Hoarders"

Chris Schnoor

Third place, Arts/Entertainment Reporting, "Gary Hill"

Joseph Carberry

Second place, Outdoor Feature, "Owyhee River"

Honorable Mention, Specialty Column, "Out There"

Despite the judges affinity for pet-themed stories, once again, we can add plaques to our award wall and have the legitimate right to say we have an "award-winning" paper. But also now I'll have to take all of the above all out for a congratulatory beer.