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Lindy's Steak House

12249 W. Chinden Blvd., Boise, 208-376-4258


The South can have its collard greens and sweet tea. Let New York and Chicago duke it out over the proper form of pizza. Here in Idaho, we have our own culinary claim to fame.

Mention a fingersteak to a non-Idahoan and you'll probably get a blank, slightly confused expression in response. It seems the allure of the fingersteak doesn't make it past the state border. That's why those of us in the know need to see it as our job—nay, duty—to educate the uninitiated about the wonders of the tender strips of steak that are battered and fried into crispy-on-the-outside goodness (basically, think a beef chicken strip).

And where should such a lesson begin? There's no place better than Lindy's in West Boise. Here is where the fingersteak has reached its ultimate evolution. Not only are the fingers far larger than the examples found at most locations, the prime cuts of beef ensure each one will be extraordinarily tender.

The breading is perfectly seasoned, but the factor that throws these fingers over the bar is how they are cooked. Rather than being dunked in a vat of oil, these fingersteaks are fried under pressure in a broaster, making them both crispy and tender. Staying true to fingersteak etiquette, they are served with cocktail sauce. Those who have yet to experience the fingersteak tradition should be given the best example, and there's no place better than Lindy's.