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Lindsay Lou

The Olympic Venue, Sept. 5


Last year, Lindsay Lou cut Southland, her most radical album in three ways. For one, it was the first time she didn't put The Flatbellys, her backing band, on the bill. For another, it's just her on the album cover—sitting on a rock in her birthday suit and a straw hat, a nod to independence and freedom. Most importantly, the album is about upheaval. She wrote it on the occasion of her move from Michigan to Nashville, Tennessee, and every twangy, country/Americana track signals change, aspiration and a will to adventure. Loaded with vivid descriptions of laid-back characters and lovingly drawn places, they also often serve as warnings against complacency and nagging inner voices. Lindsay Lou's is a rebellion in slow motion, and Boise should consider it an invitation to join in when she plays The Olympic Venue on Thursday, Sept. 5.

With Connor Jay Liess. $12-$15. The Olympic Venue, 1009 W. Main St., Boise,