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Lime Rolls Out New 'Group Ride'


Two people riding one e-scooter is a common-enough sight in Boise, but it's a violation of many e-scooter companies' terms of service. On Sept. 5, Lime, one of the first such companies to do business in Boise, announced a new function that it hopes will curb that activity: Group Ride.

The concept is simple: With Group Ride, a Lime user can unlock up to five e-scooters at once, allowing their companions to ride along with them. The addition to the company's smartphone application is already live in the City of Trees.

There are some catches: All riders must agree to abide by the Lime terms of service by entering their email addresses on the Lime app, and all users must be over the age of 18. To learn more, check out the Lime blog post outlining the new program.
  • Courtesy Lime