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Lime and Bird Launch e-Scooters in Boise


They're popular, they're a bit controversial, and they're now in the City of Trees. The e-scooters have landed.

  • Harrison Berry
They appeared Thursday morning across the downtown core and near Boise State University, and have been quickly adopted by pedestrians looking to zip around town.

Both the black Bird e-scooters and white-and-green Lime e-scooters require an app and a valid driver's license to use. Each company allows riders to unlock the e-scooters for $1 through their respective smartphone applications, but requires that they be at least 18 years old.

The devices were a long time coming. In May, Lime approached the Boise City Council with a plan to introduce its dockless bike-share program. Representatives of the local bike-share Boise GreenBike expressed skepticism about the companies, and the city council acted quickly to pass ordinances creating a licensure program for dockless transport-shares. Each licensee may roll out a minimum of 50 e-scooters and a maximum of 250 e-scooters.

  • Harrison Berry
Meanwhile, as Bird joined Lime in applying to deploy in Boise, Lime released 200 e-scooters in Meridian under a memorandum of understanding passed by the Meridian City Council. The e-scooters were removed within a week, however, after several were impounded by the Ada County Highway District. Meridian city officials have asked Lime to hold back from re-releasing the e-scooters there for several months while the company engages in community outreach and education.

In Boise, officials were undeterred by the news from Meridian, and said the rules they have put in place for the e-scooters should help ensure a different outcome in the City of Trees.

Download the Bird app here (iTunes app store) or here (Google Play).
Download the Lime app here (iTunes app store) or here (Google Play).