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Lil Wayne, Oct. 5, Qwest Arena


Billed by MTV as the "Hottest MC in the Game," Lil Wayne brings his bad self to Boise this Friday. The 25-year-old Louisiana-born rapper has seen more success in the last 10 years than many musicians will ever see.

Whether as a solo, collaborating or featured artist, Wayne's records have sold millions of copies, garnering him a huge fan following and a great deal of respect in the music industry due, in part, to the perception that many Southern rappers don't put much stake in their lyrics. Fans—and even some critics—have lauded Wayne for his lyrical abilities.

And though there's been talk of a new album dropping by the end of this year, on, Wayne (or Weezy as he also known) is quoted as saying he wants to wait awhile before releasing what would likely be another platinum-selling CD. "A lot of things [are] coming out this year," Weezy explained. "I'm on a lot of people's stuff. A lot of people want to use the songs I'm on as singles ... I got a song with Enrique Iglesias and people who sell a million records on their own ... I got songs with everybody."

With the big shows that have cancelled their Boise dates of late (Smashing Pumpkins, White Stripes), it's natural to be a bit apprehensive, but promoter Jay Puentes of Empire Entertainment and Jay's House of Style (at Boise Towne Square) say the contracts are signed and the show's a go.

Oct. 5, doors at 6 p.m., show 7 p.m., $35-$75, Qwest Arena, 233 S. Capitol Blvd., 208-424-2200. For more information, call 208-375-0654.