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Like a Rocket to Play Benefit for Daisy's Madhouse

Friday April 27, at Neurolux


Latin and American rock share a common love (or amor): the guitar. Local bands Like a Rocket and Essencia Bohemia will team up for a guitar-driven show at Neurolux to benefit local nonprofit theater company Daisy's Madhouse and its forthcoming production of Robert Bastron's 1959 play, A Contemporary American's Guide to Successful Marriage.

The two numbers play well off each other. Guatemala expat Esau Mazariegos provides soulful acoustic guitar manipulated to sound like a Latin sitar, which combines with his Spanish lyrics to create smoldering ballads. The song "Amor Absoluto" describes the essence of Essencia Bohemia.

With a similar six-string influence, Like a Rocket channels the best of the American West and Deep South roots-rock for often funky, electric ditties.