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Herman Melville, author of the iconic early American novel Moby Dick, made $10,000 from writing in his lifetime. Today, he is revered as one of most brilliant prose stylists in literary history, as well as a master of the short story and novel forms, but it wasn't until a century after his birth that he began receiving the recognition he deserved. LibriVox is a democratic way to ensure the great novelist's mistreatment is never repeated.

The service allows users to download and listen to digitally recorded readings of public domain novels, short stories, poetry and nonfiction. From Moby Dick to Edward Gibbon's The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, LibriVox contains a vast selection of content. The free service also lets people submit recordings of their own to augment its constantly expanding library, deepening readers' experience with the greatest works of literature ever penned.


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