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Lewiston Democrat Dan Rudolph Says He Won't Run for Re-election


Rep. Dan Rudolph (D-Lewiston) - IDAHO LEGISLATURE

In November 2014, Rep. Dan Rudolph (D-Lewiston) mounted a surprising challenge to Republican incumbent Rep. Thyra Stevenson. Rudolph came out on top by 25 votes, sending him to the Idaho Legislature.

Now, he told the Lewiston Tribune, it's "one and done."  

According to this morning's Tribune, Rudolph said his one and only term in the Idaho Legislature has been "emotionally expensive" and that's why he won't run for re-election this year. Instead, Rudolph said he has accepted a full-time teaching position at Lewis-Clark State College.

Just before the launch of the 2016 legislative session, Boise Weekly sat down for interview with Rudolph, who said that he tries to get back home to Lewiston every other weekend. He also said many of his constituents had much better things to do than obsess about the goings-on at the Idaho Statehouse.

"When the Legislature is in session, it's a big deal here in the Treasure Valley," he said. "I promise you, in Nez Perce and Lewis counties? Not so much."