Levy By the Numbers

What does Boise School District's proposed levy look like?


Officials at the Boise School District have set their sights on what they call "the other Super Tuesday," March 13. That's the day voters go to the polls in Idaho's second-largest school district to consider a $70 million temporary tax hike--$14 million each year for five years (the supplemental levy would expire in the 2017-18 school year).

Much has been said about the proposed levy. Even more has been said about the district and its financial straits. When BW visited with proponents and its most-vocal opponent of the levy, KIDO talk show host Austin Hill (BW, News, "Do the Math," Feb. 1), our story was met by a continued barrage of charges and countercharges.

"My advice to Mr. Hill is, 'if you have a tale made of straw, you'd better stay way from the fire of facts,'" wrote one blogger.

"Will any amount of money ever be enough for Boise Independent School District No. 1?" asked another.

In the run-up to the all-important vote, here are some facts to consider: