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Let's Play Chess


Tournament Announcements

Idaho Open. Saturday, August 26, and Sunday, August 27, at the Obenchain Insurance Building Community Room, 264 Main Ave. S., Twin Falls. Five round Swiss pairings. Rounds 9, 2, 7; 9,4. Time limits: rounds 1-3 game/2; rounds 4-5, 30/2, G/1. Entry fee is $25 if received by August 23, or $35 at the door. Registration is Saturday, August 26, 7:30-8:30 a.m. Half-point bye available during rounds one through four only. One playing division: open. Any player from any location can play. United States Chess Federation membership is required, but nonmembers can sign up at the tournament. Prizes, based on 30 entries, are $200, $100, $75 and $50. Send entries to Jeff Roland, 1511 Leadville Ave., Boise 83706. For more information e-mail or visit the Idaho Chess Association Web site at NS, NC and wheelchair access.

Eastern Idaho Open. Friday, September 15, and Saturday, September 16, in Pocatello. Five rounds, two divisions: open and reserve. The tournament will take place at the Idaho State University Student Union Building. More details will be forthcoming in next month's edition of Let's Play Chess. For more information, contact Jay Simonson, 391 Carol Ave., Idaho Falls 83401. E-mail or visit

Idaho Loses Another Stalwart Player From the Old Days

A.B. Ellis of Nampa died June 11, 2006, at the age of 87 after a long illness. "A.B." was well known to chess players active during the 1950s through the 1980s. He was very active in his community and Idaho and was selected as a "Distinguished Citizen" by the Idaho Statesman.

A.B. played in many Idaho chess tournaments, normally finishing near the top of the standings, and was a fierce competitor. He was a true gentleman. Jerry Stanke, also of Nampa, was his lifelong chess rival and for many years, the two were prominent members of the large Canyon County Chess Club.

This Month's Problem

It's another fairly easy problem again this month because there's really no need to strain too much during the lazy days of summer. Black to move and win material. The answer is printed upside down below.

Tournament Results

The Northern Idaho Open was played in Moscow over the July 22-23 weekend, and included 14 players. Wilson Barredo, originally from the Philippines and now a medical student at the University of Idaho, placed first, 4-1/2 ­- 1/2. Tied for second place, with 3-1/2 - 1-1/2 were Jon Middaugh of Pullman, Washington, and University of Idaho student Tyler Meservy. Others with plus scores (3-2) were Mark Anderson, Jeff Roland and John Walton. ICA president Jeff Roland directed.

Here is an exciting and interesting game by the winner over second place (note the sacrifice 8. Nxf7. That was gutsy.). 1. e4, c6; 2. d4, d5; 3. Nc3, dxe4; 4. Nxe4, Bf5; 5. Ng5, e6; 6. Bc4, Nf6; 7. N1f3, h6; 8. Nxf7!?, Kxf7; 9. Ne5+, Ke8; 10. 0-0, Nbd7; 11. Bf4, Nxe5; 12. Bxe5, Bd6; 13. Re1, Qe7; 14. Qf3 (look out!), Rf8; 15. Bxd6, Qxd6; 16. Qxf5! (the "pin" works its magic!), Kd8; 17. Qxe6, Qxe6; 18. Rxe6, Kd7; 19. Rae1, Rae8; 20. Rxe8, Nxe8; 21. d5, Rf4; 22. dxc6+, bxc6; 23. Be6+. Kd6; 24. g3, Rd4; 25. Bb3 and White is two pawns up and wins on move 53, but not without some stress near the end.