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Let's Play Chess


Tournament Announcement

T.C. Hartwell Memorial Chess Tournament. May 27-28. This event is in memory of recently deceased Ted Hartwell, our longtime friend and competitor from Twin Falls. Location: Obenchain Insurance Building, 264 Main Ave. S., Twin Falls. One Section: OPEN (meaning anyone can play regardless of age or residence).

Five round Swiss. Entry fee $25 if paid by May 20, $35 at the door. One half-point bye available for rounds one through four only. Players must inform the TD before the start of round one.

Registration is May 27, 7-8 a.m. Round times are 9, 2, 7, 9, 2. NS, NC.

Prizes are $200, $100, $75, $50. Discount accommodation rates are available if players say they are with the chess tournament at the following hotels: Super 7 Motel, 320 Main Ave S., Twin Falls, (208) 733-8770, $30; OR Weston Plaza, 952 Blue Lakes Blvd. N., Twin Falls, (800) 551-3505, $39.95.

For additional information, visit the Idaho Chess Association Web Site at, or e-mail Jeff Roland at

This Month's Problem

We have a medium of difficulty problem with three possible answers. Cover up the solution shown at the end of the column and pick the answer you think will produce the best results for White. The three possible solutions are: A. Qxh2, B. Bxg7+, C. Qf6.

Answer: A. A forced win evaporates on 1. Qxh2?, Bxh2; 2. Rxe4, a5. B. Also weak is 1. Bxg7+?, Kxg7. C. Black resigned after 1. Qf6! (if 1 ..., Qxh6; 2. d6; or 1 ..., Be5; 2. Bxg7+, Kg8; 3. Qxe5, Qxf2+, Kd1, Qf3+; 5. Be2.