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Tournament Results

Idaho State Scholastic Chess Championships. On March 11, the largest chess tournament ever held in Idaho took place with a 50 percent increase in participation to total 334 Idaho students in grades K-12. Play was divided into four sections: K-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12. Players wishing to play for the overall Idaho title were permitted to play up with the 10-12 students, and several 9th graders played up. The largest group was the K-3 kids, followed by grades 4-6, 7-12 and championship K-12. Played at Riverglen Junior High School in Boise, the event was organized and run the the Idaho Chess Association. For complete results, visit

Jesse Brent, a student from Centennial High School was the overall winner and is the new Idaho Scholastic Chess Champion. He will represent Idaho at the 2006 Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Champions, which will be held concurrently with the U.S. Open in Oakbrook, Illinois, August 6 through 11.

Listed below are some of the trophy winners and the school they attend (see for a complete list):

Championship K-12 (overall championship)

Overall winners: 1. Jesse Brent (Centennial), 2. John Nahlen (Centennial), 3. Kenrick Barkell (Mountain View)

Grade 12: Shane Taylor (Boise)

Grade 11: Logan Call (Centennial)

Grade 10: Daniel Taylor (Eagle)

Junior High Division (grades 7-9)

Overall winners: 1. Erica Barkell (Lewis and Clark), 2. Sam Seiniger (Foothills School of Arts & Sciences), 3. Lloyd Lee (Fairmont) Grade 9: Alex Langrell (Fairmont)

Grade 8: Daniel Yeager (Fairmont)

Grade 7: Collin Sjobeck (Eagle)

Elementary Division (grades 4-6)

Overall winners: 1. Johnny Sekamp (Meridian), 2. Carl Harmon (Shadow Hills), 3. Andrew Hoth (North Star Charter)

Grade 6: Jon Satchwell (Lowell Scott)

Grade 5: Adam Jiang (Collister)

Grade 4: Charlie Saad (Highlands)

Primary Division (grades K-3)

Overall winners: 1. Luke Harmon (Shadow Hills), 2. Elijah Hill (Rolling Hills Charter), 3. Daniel Liu (Pioneer)

Grade 3: Joseph Sammartino (Arrowrock International)

Grade 2: Danny Takeuchi (Collister)

Grade 1: Pierce Lundt (Arrowrock International)

Grade K: Simon Thomsen (home school)

Team Awards

Championship Division: 1. Centennial, 2. Wood River

Junior High Division: 1. Fairmont, 2. Hidden Springs, 3. Lewis and Clark

Elementary Division: 1. Collister, 2. North Star Charter, 3. Washington

Primary Division: 1. Washington, 2. Arrowrock International, 3. Collister

This Month's Problem

It's an easy one for a change, and many of you will figure it out quickly. Black to move and he can gain material. Look over the entire board to see where Black can pick up something from White without suffering any consequences (answer below).

Answer: Black traps the Knight with 1 ..., b5! (The Black Pawn moves to b5.)