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Let's Play Chess


Tournament and Announcements

October 15-16, Tri-State Championships: Last call! This second-year event will be held at the Antler Hotel in Jackson, Wyoming. The Idaho team can still use a few more players, and anyone interested in playing should contact Barry Eacker at or by calling (208) 733-6186. Barry will send details concerning special lodging rates, round times, etc. No entry fee for the tournament. if you haven't been there before, Jackson is a lovely tourist town and very close to the eastern Idaho border.

November 12-13, Southern Idaho Open: Barton's Club 93 in Jackpot, Nevada. For special room rates, call 800-258-2937. Mention the Idaho Chess Association when reserving your room. Be sure to make accommodation reservations early to ensure availability. Claudia is the primary contact. For additional details, call ICA President Jeff Roland at 424-9847 and leave a message. Jackpot is a favorite casino town for Idahoans, as it's just over the border and close to Twin Falls.

The Problem

We have another endgame that should be easy for experienced players but may be challenging for many scholastic players. Black to move. Figure out the best play and how it will gain material necessary to win the end game.

Answer: After 1 ...., Ne4 Black must lose because of the threat to pile up on the "pinned" Knight, which can't be moved or the King would be in check and you can't move so your King gets into check. If 2. Kd1 then 2 ...., Rxe2; 3. Rxe2, Nc3+ is decisive. And, if 2. Kf1, 2 ...., Ng3+ does the trick because the White Knight cannot take the Black Knight because that would place the White King in check by the Black Bishop.