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Tournament Announcements


September 10-11-Eastern Idaho Open-Idaho State University Union Bldg., Pocatello. 5 rd. Swiss, G120, Open & Reserve (U1400). EF: $30 (U18/60+=$25) $10 more after 9/3. Reg. and check in 8-9 a.m. Saturday. Half point byes OK (max 2), rds. 1-4. Must commit by end of prev. rd. Cash prizes: Open: $200, $100 and $75; Reserve: $100, $75 and $50. Intro/entries: Jay Simonson, 291 Carol Ave., Idaho Falls, 83401, 208-705-7874, e-mail:

Team members may still be needed for the second annual Tri-State Team Championships to be held in Jackson, Wyoming, October 15 and 16 at the Antler Hotel. Pre-registration is necessary. Contact Barry Eacker, or call 208-733-6186. We are especially looking for strong players, as Wyoming won the first competition, but everyone is invited to apply. Eaker can send details concerning special lodging rates, round times, etc. and there is no entry fee.

November 12-13-Southern Idaho Open-Barton's Club 93, Jackpot, Nevada. For special room rates call 800-258-2937. Mention the Idaho Chess Association and reserve your room early to ensure availability. Claudie is our primary contact.


I have accepted the position of Idaho Scholastic Director for the new school year. We will be holding regional tournaments, as well as the 2006 Idaho State Chess Championships. We would like to hear from any reader of this column who is working with Idaho kids and in what capacity. It is important to unify our leadership roles to help Idaho Scholastic players enjoy and improve their chess games. Contact me at or 342-2056. We would like to congratulate Judy Conrad on the excellent job she did operating the Scholastic program last year as well as the previous 25 years Idaho has had a Scholastic program.

The Problem

This month, we feature a really interesting end game that is full of surprises with almost every move. Study the position as if you are playing in a tournament and see if you can decide who will win the game or if it might be a draw? I'll bet there are few, if any, players reading this column who can follow the play through until the end! White moves first. Remember capital letters are for pieces moved, but when a pawn is moved, it doesn't show a "p." Therefore, h4+ means a pawn is moved to h4 with check and Rh4+ means a rook is moved h4 with check.

After your study is completed, play through the solution at the end of this column. Discover some fascinating moves and learn-isn't chess unreal sometimes?

This column normally comes out on the first Wednesday of each month, but last month's Boise Weekly office-move changed that date. This month September's column is included on the last day of August to advertise the Eastern Idaho Open.

ANSWERS: 1. Rd8+, Kxd8; 2. b7, Rb4!; 3. Kxb4, c5+;, 4. Kb5!, Kc7; 5. Ka6, Kb8; 6. Kb6, c4; 7. a4, c3; 8. a5, c2; 9. a6, c1=Q; 10. a7++ A really artistic ending