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Let's play chess


Tournament Results

The Idaho Chess Association is repsonsible for our Idaho State Scholastic Chess Championships. Next year, the ICA is planning a return to a regional system, which will promote competition in outlying areas of Idaho prior to the state championships with tournaments in Eastern and Northern Idaho.

This year, two events were held in Idaho Falls and Moscow. The Idaho Falls competition included 50 participants between kindergarten and 12th grade. Ephraim Paulsen was the top high school winner, Matthew Dixon top junior high and Cody Marcuses first overall.

The Northern Idaho competition had 27 student players and first place in each division were Skyler Hoeft, Jordan Alves-Foss and Thomas Merten.

The Problem

Dekhanov-Yusupov, USSR, 1981, Black to play. White had obtained good compensation for his "exhange" deficit (losing a Rook for white's Knight) in the form of an always strong outpost Knight on 35, and the somewhat awkward predicament of Black's King. However, when the latter played 1..., Qa6, White considered a new position for a minute or two and resigned, for he saw no way to avoid the threatened exchange of Queens. Had he though for a few moments longer, though...

How should he have dealt with 1..., Qa6?

Answer: Dekhanov must have kicked himself for missing the splendid 2.g4+(+ means check), fxg4+; 3.Nxg4+ (by the Queen), Qxb5 (if 3..., g5; 4. Qe8+, Qg6; 5.Nf6++); 4. Nf6++.