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Let's Go Camping


This is a drinking game similar to 20 questions. It is very easy to play and perfect for, well ... a camping trip. You'll need a lot of beverages, especially if you are playing with stupid people.

First of all, the judge thinks of a place. Then it is up to everyone else to discover what the place is by making statements about what someone might find at that place.

For example, let's say the judge chooses a car lot. The first person who asks the question does so in the form of a statement: "I'm going camping and I'm taking a garden hose." We're not sure why they have to say camping, but if they didn't, the name of the game would be called something else other than "Let's go camping."

It is up to the judge to determine whether that object can or cannot be found at the place. If that object can usually be found at the place, in this case a car lot, then they have made a correct statement and do not have to take a swig of their beverage. If their statement is incorrect then they have to take a swig. In our example, a garden hose typically would not be found at a car lot so the person would have to take a drink.

This game involves lots of interpretation as objects can be found in many places. One adaptation of the rules is that objects which could possibly be found at a place only require players to take a swig, while those players guessing objects never found at a place have to drink their entire beverage.