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Leslie and the LY's, March 9, Reef

Time to get silly


Tight pants. Body rolls. Gem sweaters. Ames, Iowa. What do those things have in common? Comedic musician Leslie Hall wears them all proudly. Hall was popular before videos were really a thing, and many conversations that have started with, "Have you seen that 'Gold Pants' video?" have been followed with, "Do you think she's for real?" She absolutely is, in the same way that any performance artist with a point of view and a wicked sense of humor is for real.

On stage, Hall looks like she has her calendar permanently set to 1981, wearing bouffant hairdos, eyeglass styles that are decades past, shiny Spandex, neon-bright makeup and sweaters--covered in appliques and rhinestones--that she names and jumpsuits that she doesn't. Hall's deadpan hip-hop music is surreal, salacious and seriously funny, and here's hoping this first visit to Boise isn't her last.

With Dean and the Delilahs, 18 and older only, 8 p.m., $10. Reef, 105 S. Sixth St., 208-287-9200,