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'Les Miserables'

The Morrison Center, July 30-Aug. 4


Pick up a copy of Victor Hugo's 1862 novel Les Miserables, and it can feel like a jumble, with scores of major characters swirling around a vividly represented 19th-century Paris—not to mention hundreds of pages of moral and parenthetical digressions. To set the book on the stage is to strip it to its skivvies, but the Broadway production coming to The Morrison Center still clocks in at hours and hours. Fortunately, it's also some of the most widely acclaimed musical storytelling in the history of western theater. Meet Jean Valjean. Or, rather, follow Valjean on his long and arduous journey of redemption as he alludes the crotchety and fanatical policeman Javert, and bounce between numerous other vivid characters. It's an adventure people fly to New York to see live, but for a few days, it will be in Boise.