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Lend an Ear to Bob Schneider

Wednesday, Nov. 19, Visual Arts Collective


When Bob Schneider sings, people listen. His deep, Austin, Texas-bred baritone is captivating enough that he could sing names from a phone book and someone would say, "Give that man a Grammy."

Schneider's voice may get people's attention, but what keeps it is how he uses it: Schneider is a consummate storyteller. There's a sincerity in his lyrics and delivery, which makes each song feel as though he's sharing something deeply important to him. Schneider is also a prolific poet and visual artist—his blog ( and website ( are full of poems and images of his multimedia artworks—and he has put out a slew of both solo and band albums. Plus, in a number of interviews, Schneider confirmed he's ready to release what he's calling the Demo Bible: a book with lyrics to around 1,000 songs, packaged with about 800 songs on a USB drive.

If being an artist means you always need to be creating, then Schneider is a true artist—and if he ever starts doling out advice, it will be easy to listen.