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Lemonade Screening at WaterCooler Tonight


The recession has provided no shortage of horror stories about layoffs and unemployment. But that doesn't mean there aren't good stories as well. Beneath the panic of losing one's job is the opportunity for rebirth, something often long overdue.

Lemonade is a new documentary that looks at layoffs in that way, telling the stories of 14 people laid off from the advertising industry who went on to do everything from start their own agencies, to riding in the Tour de France, to having gender reassignment surgery.

Several of the filmmakers were themselves laid off during the economic downturn. They wanted to make the film to show people that losing your job doesn't have to grind your life to a halt and that you can endure.

As Lisa Hickey, one of the people featured in the film says, "Don't be the person looking for a job. Be the person doing something interesting."

In addition to the obvious benefits of being interesting, Murphy's Law dictates that is when the work will come back.

[ Video is no longer available. ]