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LED: This Way to the Egress

Saturday, Oct. 29, Morrison Center


On the Saturday before Halloween, a troupe of young people will be dressing up, but it will be in the name of art: Local performance collective, LED, presents its newest dance/music/multimedia work, This Way to the Egress, on Saturday, Oct. 29. LED co-founders Lauren Edson and Andrew Stensaas said This Way is an examination of youth, mid-life and old age, framed in circus, desert and zoo metaphors, as well as with the life of Amelia Earhart. Film is always part of LED works but rather than a visual element, in This Way, the film (by filmmaker/LED managing director Kyle Morck) provides more narrative and may deepen audience engagement.

"[This Way] is an exploration of youthful expectations ... and self acceptance. ...It is a reflection of American culture," Edson and Stensaas said.