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Learn to Curl at Idaho Ice World

Sunday, Sept. 25 at Idaho Ice World


Not everyone understands the joy of using specialized brooms to direct heavy granite stones across ice. After all, zambonis polish ice rinks with minimal effort. Though Homer Simpson may have once derided curling for appearing more janitorial than fun, he quickly learned the truth.

Curlers are skilled athletes, playing a centuries-old sport passed down through generations of ice enthusiasts. It's even an official Olympic sport. Curling combines strategy and accuracy--it's similar to shuffleboard, though some call curling "chess on ice."

It works like this: Teams try to push their own stones closest to the bulls-eye, or house, before the other guys get there or knock opponents' stones out of the way trying.

Boise Curling Club has been spreading its passion for curling from its home base at Idaho Ice World for five years. Sunday, Sept. 25, marks the club's annual fall open house, where instructors and local players will be available to teach new players the basics.

Don't worry about bringing your broom from home--the Boise Curling Club provides curling brooms, stones and sliders. Aspiring curlers should wear street clothes and a jacket, as well as comfy shoes like sneakers for gliding gracefully across the ice.

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