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Lazy Hunters or Extreme Cow-Tippers?


The Owyhee County Sheriff's Office, Owyhee Cattlemen's Association and a high-desert rancher are offering a Silver City-sized load of dough to anyone who can help them locate the filthy cur who shot three cows along Silver City Road last week. According to a county press release, the heifercide probably occurred either late Wednesday or early Thursday morning. Suspects used a 30-06 caliber rifle, and, luckily, investigators were able to recover a bullet from the scene. With that much evidence, Owyhee CSI (or an equivalent organization) can take over. But first they need the gun. You need a better reason than honor to turn on your hunting buddy, you say? Here's one: the reward is $4,000. Just think what that could have bought back in Owyhee County's glory days ...