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Lazinka Gets 12 years, Hall Gets Homework


The sentences are in and the sentences say... more sentences. Cam Hall, the former Boise State football player who helped to cause a crash that killed an Eagle family last May, was sentenced on Monday to serve 180 days in jail, pay a $2,500 fine, serve five years of probation, go through a "thinking-errors" course at Ada County Jail (which should complete his "erroneous-thinking" minor) and ... aw, shucks, write a 2,500-word essay explaining what he did wrong on the night of the crash. As for the sentence of the day, it came courtesy of Fourth District Judge Thomas Neville when he was telling Hall about his essay: "It'd better be a good one."

Mark Lazinka, Hall's co-defendant and the driver of the car that struck the family's vehicle, had a much simpler sentence. He received 10 years for each of three counts of vehicular manslaughter, with four years fixed for each count.

Neville also gave Hall a withheld judgment, which means that if Hall completes all of his probation, his guilty plea will be wiped clean and stricken from the record--just like those five years of "erroneous-thinking" classes that Hall (and a few of us at BW) called "a college education."